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Cast of Characters in SotG

13 Dec

Here is a list of the principal characters in Stone of the Goddess (for those of you who asked)

Solange Lenoir (nee Bermond): Chief Curator of 17th and 18th century paintings at the Louvre, wife of Bernard and mother of Giselle.

Bernard Lenoir: investigative judge with a former career in the SDT (Surveillance du Territoire, the French secret service). Husband of Solange and father of Giselle.

Antoine Mignonette: currently chief of staff of the Prefect of Paris, started his career in the Paris police force. The Fakhar Al Islam murder was his first big case.

Fakhar  Al Islam: a man of uncertain provenance, possibly of Pakistani origin, possibly a private secretary to the Qarmati Emir, also possibly an emissary for the Priory of Sion. Is found dead at the beginning of the book.

Ali and Mustafa: two young Qarmatis, followers of Imam Baydi.

Imam Baydi: charismatic religious leader, member of the Qarmati sect and head of its Paris mosque.

Eugene Sue: Prefect of the Paris police.

 Capitaine Henri Bagnols: up and coming officer of the Gendarmerie, liaison officer between both the National Gendarmerie and the Prefecture of Paris and between the Prefecture of Paris and Interpol.

Yvette Garcin: Director of research at the OMR (Acronym for the Observatory of Religious Movements, a French government bureaucracy) who finds herself a principal investigator in the case of the obsidian mirror murders.

Armand Dulac de Cromlec: Assistant curator in the Louvre’s department of 17th  and 18th century paintings, Solange Lenoir’s right-hand man and longtime friend.

Charles Henri Lerch : Director in chief of the OMR, Yvette’s boss.

Colonel Didier Pelapol: head of the regional Gendarmerie of the Languedoc-Roussillon, where Perpignan and Rennes-le-Chateau are located.

Capitaine Dodu: head of a squadron of gendarmerie mobile.

Ermengarde Dulac de Cromlec: Armand’s grandmother, currently presides over the castle of Rennes-le-Chateau. Has a long and colourful past, including a stint as a decorated heroine of the French Resistance, friend of various prominent figures including Otto Rahn and Anthony Blunt, and reputed current de facto head of the Priory of Sion.

Emir Abu Shalaghlagh: head of the Qarmatis, a small Islamic religious sect. A world-renowned art trafficker, he was exiled from Yemen in 1964 and has lived in a villa outside Rome ever since.

Robert Abboud: the Emir’s current (and last) private secretary.

Colonel Zolfini: head of the GIS (Gruppo d’Intervento Speciale, a counter-terrorism unit of the Italian army)

The Camerlengo: a high Vatican official, whose duties include administering the patrimony of the Holy See, determining the Pope’s death, and presiding as interim head of state until a new Pope is elected.

Giselle Lenoir: daughter of Solange and Bernard, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA, one of France’s grandes ecoles, the post-secondary institutions which produce most of France’s political, administrative and business elite.)



4 Sep

The Observatoire des Mouvements Religieux (Observatory of Religious Movements in English, Acronym OMR) for which Yvette works does not exist, but France has an equivalent organization called MIVILUDES. For more information go to:

or, if you read French, you can look up their website:

There is also the following video of a panel discussion with Georges Fenech (president of MIVILUDES) which aired on French television. It has English subtitles.